Anxiety Cures for Suffering from Panic

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The Bible tells us, "seek and ye shall find." If you're seeking a way of dealing with anxiety disorder along with its seemingly interminable maze of terror, I hope, at least you will get some help from this story. I'm talking about the anxiety disorder that I suffered for three years of my life.


During that time, I wish I had been able to read something like this article. I'm writing this for anyone who is suffering the lonely, bewildered feeling I had when anxiety ruled my life. Just knowing someone else went through what I was going through would probably have taken some of the sting out of the anxiety and the panic attacks I was experiencing.


Experiencing Anxiety Disorder?


If you're experiencing an anxiety disorder along with the horrible panic attacks this disorder brings, I want you to know I understand. I've been through it, and there are a lot of people, even millions of people, who are going through it right now. In fact, I've read there could be as many as 30 million people suffering from anxiety.


I started experiencing an anxiety disorder when I was about 26 years old. This is when I first started to have panic attacks. I used to go to the emergency room with palpitations. The people in the emergency room were nice, but not very helpful. They would just send me home.


I used to experience visual manifestations, which were almost hallucinations. This was a very scary to me. I was extremely bewildered and I was afraid to tell anyone. I tried to live my life normally while all the time hiding the fact that I felt completely torn up inside.


Trying To Cope With Anxiety And Panic Naturally


I was a TV repairman. I used to go on service calls. Sometimes I wouldn't show up for an appointment because I was too nervous to drive. I was becoming an agoraphobiac. An agoraphobiac is someone who stays home all the time because he is afraid to leave his house. I was very nervous and I was starting to get to the point where I was unable to perform normal activities. This was ruining my business as well as my life.


One place I wasn't too nervous was a bowling alley. I had been an avid bowler since I was a teenager and I was so acclimated to the surroundings of a bowling establishment that I felt at home there. I was a very good bowler. I had bowled perfect games when no one, in the area I live in, had ever bowled one. I averaged over 200 when it was a record for the association I belong to. I loved bowling because, ironically bowling sometimes made me nervous; and I felt great that I would have a truly appropriate reason to be nervous.


I used to drink heavily, and I put on a lot of weight from drinking a lot of beer. However, when I was under the influence, I felt pretty good because, of course, I was tranquilized.


A Natural Way To Deal With Anxiety Disorders


One day I agreed to go to a bowling tournament and the tournament was far enough away that I needed to take an airplane to get there. Needless to say, my anxiety was beyond all comprehension when I realized I would have to board a plane and go a long way from home. I hated the idea of getting into an airplane because they seemed so small. I was claustrophobic. Along with being agoraphobic, I was considering that it might have been easier to end my life than go to the bowling tournament.


I got up enough nerve to go to a bookstore and trembling, I picked up a book called "Help and Hope for Your Nerves." It was written by Dr. Clare Weeks. The book was old at the time I purchased it. This was in 1980. I remember thinking, "This won't do me any good. I need a lot more than just help for my nerves, I need a book titled, 'How to Bring Yourself Back to Normal After Having Gone Totally Insane.' "


I purchased the book anyway and devoured it in about two days. While doing so, the truth about my anxiety disorder was revealed to me. Reading and understanding the book helped cured my case of anxiety disorder. I think this is impressive because as I'm sure you have gathered, my case of anxiety and was rather severe.


I Was Taught How To Cope With Sensitized Nerves


What the book revealed to me was that my nerves had become sensitized for some reason, though I don't really know why. However, it showed me that the problem came from my fear of the manifestations adrenaline pumping through my body made me experience. I had fallen into the trap of fearing fear itself.


This book encouraged me to sit down the next time a panic attack came on and just let the panic attack do its very worse to me. I followed this instruction and the next time I was under a panic attack, I just let it come and told it to do its very best. I took the attitude it could kill me if that's what it was going to do. In fact, I thought being dead might be the only way to end this horrible dilemma I had gotten myself into. Sure enough, after I had decided not to be afraid or to try to fight off the next attack of panic to overcome me, it ended up being a mild attack.


It Was A Key Tip On Coping With The Panic Attack


A few more panic attacks started in the next couple of days, but they didn't really throw me for a loop. Now that I was willing to look them in the eye, I was no longer paying them the respect they needed to survive. Once I started to experience these milder forms of panic attacks, I started to gain confidence in the fact the cure was not far away.


Perhaps being in my 20's made me more resilient than most people, but I still have to believe that anyone can be cured from an anxiety disorder by reading. Though some cases may take longer than others before they are cured.


In case you're wondering, I went to the bowling tournament and I did very well. I placed high in all-events scratch and I experienced no anxiety the whole time. I enjoyed the plane ride and I was, in short, totally cured.


Since that time, I've experienced anxiety once in a while but it's never really been very serious. This is because I no longer fear panic. I know it can only do so much. From losing my fear of panic my nerves have become desensitized. I'm healthy again.


I hope my story helps bring you relief and helps you to be able to deal with anxiety. As I said before, I wish I had something like this to read when I was going through it, I really think it would have helped me, and I truly hope it helps you.


Even More Advanced Anxiety Disorder Help


I had mentioned the book "Help and Hope For Your Nerves" as being my ticket to freedom from anxiety. By all means pick up a copy if you would like. However, as good as this book is, I have talked to some people who did not get the kind of benefits from it I had gotten. I have nothing bad to say about the book but it seems to be a sort of hit or miss way of attempting to connect with the anxiety sufferer. Sometimes it does miss.


For this reason, I wanted to tell you about Jon Mercer's "Easy Calm" method of recovering from anxiety. With this method you become familiar with your particular illness and get the support of someone who has been through what you are experiencing now.


This makes the Easy Calm method the best option available for anyone looking to escape the clutches of anxiety. Where as a book can only spout out theory, Easy Calm takes you by the hand from deepest trenches of anxiety and panic and leads to you back to a life free of these terrible troubles.