Cause For Anxiety Disorder

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When anxiety takes hold and the one suffering from it is unable to get rid of it for what seems to be an eternity, every day can become frightening. While being helped by the medical community is an option for these sufferers, many times they see this as a last resort and seek out natural anxiety cures.


People who are going through anxiety disorder often hide this fact from the world because they are often afraid others will think they are going insane. Of course, this is not at all true, seeing as anxiety disorder is a condition of the nervous system and not the mind. Still, many are unaware of this fact because the adrenaline that runs through their bloodstreams tricks them into thinking their problem is insanity.


Self Help for Anxiety


It is important the anxiety sufferer understand anxiety disorder, with its awful spells of panic is not an unusual disease. Many people have experienced it and in every case, it is considered a condition that can be beaten.


The first step in curing anxiety is realizing it is, indeed anxiety. Anxiety shouldn't be fought because fighting is the gasoline fueling the engine of anxiety. Anxiety sufferers must come to grips with the fact it is a nervous illness causing this problem. Instead of trying to slug their way out of it, they need to realize the anxiety can do no more harm if they refuse to fight it. Not-fighting will ease the severity of the anxiety and bring about a cure.


The counterpart to fighting anxiety is running away from it. This doesn't work either. Trying to ignore your symptoms or pretend they are not there is akin to running away from them. Trying to fight anxiety or running away from it will make more adrenaline flow and therefore cause more and more of these disquieting feelings.


Winning the Fight By Giving Up


The opposite of fighting and running away is to stand steady and acknowledge the symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, it is beneficial for anxiety sufferers to analyze their symptoms. When they do so, these symptoms will lesson in severity.


Of course, if one of these symptoms would be something such as chest pains, the sufferer should call a doctor immediately. Once the doctor tells him or her it is not a heart attack but a problem with nerves, he or she will realize the symptoms being experienced are anxiety related and not cardiovascular.


Without Fear, Anxiety Cannot Survive


Once a person learns how to give no extra concern to physical feelings brought about by anxiety, this sufferer will no longer be fearing the symptoms of fear. Adrenaline may continue to pump through the body for no reason for some time to come, but the panic attack will stop eventually. The sufferer will no longer be fueling anxiety with the fight or flight response. In other words, the anxiety sufferer will now be in a recovery phase because he or she is no longer stoking the flames of anxiety and panic.


At this point, a full recovery will be inevitable. Just be sure you realize scaled down attacks of panic and anxiety will come back to visit you from time to time. Accept this fact and you will become totally free of anxiety disorder in the future. When in the future? Don't put a time-line on it. This would be fighting.