Natural Anxiety Remedy

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Anxiety hits everyone at some time in his or her life.  However, when a larger than normal dose of anxiety strikes, it is common to look for a quick way back to a calm, peaceful state of mind.  The first thing most people do in this situation is look for natural remedies for anxiety.

There are many natural remedies for anxiety.  Some stressed out folks have experienced various degrees of success and they have been able to leave their anxieties behind by using some of these them.

The first types of the natural remedies are herbs.  However, I must warn you that just like medication, herbs come with the risk of side effects.  So, at your own risk you may find some success with some of the following.  Valerian root, St. John Wart, Passion Flower, Green Tea Extract and L-Thiamine all have been said to work for some people.  While no one can be sure what the perfect dose is for a particular individual taken any of these herbs, it is pretty much understood that each one of them has properties that may be beneficial to the nervous system.

Another form of natural remedy for anxiety is simple relaxation techniques.  One familiar relaxation techniques is Yoga.  With Yoga, it would seem that anyone who is partaking in it would calm down at least for that time.  However, how much effect Yoga will have over the long haul may be left to debate.  Certainly though, Yoga has been known to bring peaceful calming feelings to those practicing it.

Progressive relaxation is also effective at calming down the nervous system.  With progressive relaxation a person simply lies on a bed, or gets very comfortable in a chair.  Then he or she instructs each body part to relax.  He or she will give instructions such as, foot relax, leg relax, abdomen relax, and so forth.  After about 10 minutes of calming down his or her entire body, the next step is to calm the mind by concentrating on some peaceful scene.  

Perhaps the participant can think about some very peaceful places he or she has been or maybe a very beautiful picture.  When relaxation techniques are practiced daily, they can have a long-lasting effect.  When a person who practices progressive relaxation meets with some unusual amount of stress, he or she can recall the peaceful feeling the progressive relaxation had brought him or her and thus, calm down immediately.

Simply deep breathing can be a benefit to a person suffering from anxiety.  Zen teaches deep breathing as well as Yoga and many other Eastern philosophies.  At the very least, deep breathing will slow down the heart rate.  

Finally, maybe the ultimate natural remedy for anxiety is simple acceptance.  When a person comes to the realization that trying to fight the anxiety makes it multiply, he or she will quickly find relief.  For anxiety is adrenaline running rampant through the body, and fear stokes its fires.

How much success you can count on having by using natural remedies for anxiety, of course, depends on how much stress you are experiencing.  However, for ordinary everyday stress it is certain that natural remedies are a viable avenue to explore.  It is when the anxiety becomes the number one factor in a person's life and the natural remedies haven't helped an appreciable amount, that it is time to seek professional help.