True Anxiety Remedy

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When looking for the end-all remedy for anxiety, usually those suffering from this tormenting ailment go through a period where they try almost anything they hear about.  Most times these things have been said to have cured somebody from anxiety disorder.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time it is false rumors that bring about these tales of a quick cure.
The most common cures for anxiety are thought to be: . Some kind of new drug . Vitamin therapy . Herbs . Diet and exercise and, . Relaxation techniques.

Let's take a look at these cures and see how effective they can be.

When a doctor prescribes medication, you better take it.  A doctor knows better than anyone when a medication is needed and exactly what kind of prescription and dosage is needed.  I am not second guessing any prescription drug usage.

However, prescriptions are made to help an anxiety sufferer deal with life while recovering from or being mired in anxiety.  They are designed to make life easier to live.  If the anxious person is moving toward an anxiety cure, they can be helpful but medications, in themselves are not anxiety cures.


There is no evidence vitamins cure anxiety disorder or guard against panic attacks.  Being depleted of vitamins isn't helpful at any time so it is impossible not to condone proper vitamin use.  Still, I have never known of anyone who has found they were experiencing anxiety because they were deficient in some vitamin.


I recommend being careful with herbs.  Herbs can have side effects.  No one needs side effects from an herb or anything else disrupting his or her life, but to an anxiety sufferer, an unexpected side effect can be especially disconcerting.

I realize it has been said some herbs, such as Valerian Root, help calm nerves, but in my opinion, if temporarily calming of your nerves is what you are looking for, you are better off seeing your doctor about getting a tranquilizer.

Diet and Exercise

Of course, eating a sensible diet is always wise.  Doing so may have a positive effect on an anxiously ill person because it tends to give a person a feeling of well-being where as eating a processed sugar laden diet tends to make anybody feel a little less than his or her best.  In short, it can't hurt to eat right.

Relaxation Techniques

I love using relaxation.  Talk about a feeling of well-being!  Relaxation techniques can certainly have that effect.  Still, a true cure for anxiety, relaxation is not.  Relaxation can make a nice reprieve from anxiety and when used with other steps as part of a program geared to overcome anxiety it is very helpful.  However, relaxation is not a cure for anxiety disorder.

The Bottom Line

Anxiety disorder stems from a condition where a person becomes afraid of the feelings anxiety brings.  Thus, when we try to fight off or escape these feelings, more anxiety is introduced.  Usually, these new feelings are even more unbearable than the first feelings anxiety brings and so, the sufferer tries even harder to stave off these more horrendous feelings.

In this way, a vicious cycle has started.  It is a cycle of: 1. fear's feelings 2. fight fear's feelings 3. worse  feelings 4. fight harder, 5. and on and on and on...
Until we find a way to stop this cycle, we won't have too much luck curing our anxiety.  Ironically, it is when we are able to stop trying to get rid of the anxiety from our lives, a new pattern will be begin and this pattern will lead us to our cure.  In short, our recovery from anxiety disorder starts when we learn to give up.