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to provide a safe working environment when using concrete pumping equipment. 1.2 Scope The guideline applies to the supply, acquisition, disposal, inspection, maintenance, registration and safe operation of all types of concrete pumps and associated placing equipment used in pumping or spraying concrete …

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Dec 02, 2019 · The Concrete pumping Code of Practice 2019 (PDF, 1.97 MB) will apply to anyone who has a duty of care in relation to the carrying out of construction work involving concrete pumping on or from 2 December 2019. Stuart Davis from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland presents an overview of the key changes to the Concrete Pumping Code of

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Feb 12, 2014 · In general, ACPA's position is that the concrete contractor is responsible for providing a safe set-up area for the pump. The area must be large enough for the pump with outriggers, free of building materials, level enough that the pump can be leveled to within 3 degrees, far enough away from excavations and power lines, and with stable soil

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61 Meter Concrete Boom Pump. The 61 meter concrete pump meets the demands of large-scale construction, like shopping malls, theatres, and gymnasiums. Luton has upgraded the 61 meters placing boom concrete pump truck to achieve high monitoring performance.

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Concrete pumping provides the fastest and most economical method for placing concrete on construction jobs. However, the process is not without danger and often presents numerous hazards. To prevent accidents on the job, these do's and don'ts of concrete pumping should always be on your mind.

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This means maximum utilization of the boom reach and more yards of concrete poured from a single set-up. By retracting along the sides of the truck chassis, the Super X Outriggers® allow for the large diameter, long stroking material cylinders down the center of the pump that provide smooth operation and less wear than conventional concrete pumps.

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SKP is a Leading Manufacturer of Concrete Pan Mixer Machine and Color Pan Mixture Machine since 2008. its a homogeneous Concrete mixture machine made with high Quality steel. its also a fast mixing Concrete Mixture Machine in Delhi NCR India.

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Aug 28, 2018 · The location of the boom pump set-up; Public areas set-up, including traffic and pedestrian controls. No-go zones for overhead powerlines (see image) Boom pump inspections and maintenance, including pipe componentry (eg pipe clamps and safety pins) Thickness testing for pipeline components . Boom pump set-up, including outrigger placement

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May 29, 2015 · Safe Concrete Pump Setup Will Help Prevent Tip Overs and Electrocutions. Do not set outriggers on uneven soil or a hill, and never bridge cribbing over a hole. Before pumping, the operator should slowly extend the boom over each outrigger. This allows a contractor to see if the outrigger is sinking into the ground, which could cause the

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Feb 12, 2014 · Setting up concrete pumps for safety and productivity. Of all the equipment that has changed concrete construction over the past 40 years, the concrete boom pump is number one for increasing productivity and reducing labor. While buckets and buggies are still used in some situations, they have become rare on modern concrete projects.

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Jul 31, 2009 · If it is a mobile boom pump, does it have current plant registration? 9. Does the operator hold a current ticket for the operation of a mobile concrete placing boom? 10. Does the truck have a Queensland Modification Plate (Blue Plate) fitted? This is usually fixed to the inside of either door. 11.

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May 02, 2013 · Many other OSHA standards impose additional requirements for safely using concrete boom pump trucks to place concrete in construction, including the following sections: 1926.20(b)(4) [1926 Subpart C, General Safety and Health Provisions ] - "The employer shall permit only those employees qualified by training or experience to operate equipment

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Concrete mixers or cement mixers are best suited to mix cement, mass of sand, gravel and water in order to form quality concrete and that can work as a strong base for buildings. Known for its robust build, rigidity and long life, the concrete mixer provides a uniform mix for reliable operations.

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boom is one of the most critical jobs of the concrete pump operator and should always be done in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended procedure. If not done properly, it can lead to a serious accident. Setting outriggers . When arriving at the jobsite, always check-in with the contractor. Talk with the superintendant or foreman regarding where to set up safely. The contractor needs to supply a safe set-up …

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63 Meter Concrete Pump with High Maneuverability

63 Meter Concrete Pump. Working on a construction project requires maneuverability? A 63-meter concrete pump with a Z-fold boom is an excellent solution! Luton's long boom concrete pump has longer-lasting, greater performance, and durable components, withstand extreme tests!

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Data Sheets detailing pump dimensions, outrigger loadings/ positioning, boom type/ reach, and pumping delivery pressures/ volume outputs are available upon request from C&G Concrete Pumping Services, or from our website -

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Apr 07, 2006 · Safely Setting Concrete Boom Pump Outriggers. Tipping accidents with concrete boom pumps have occurred as a result of: Do's and Don'ts of outrigger stabilization. Setting the outriggers of a concrete pump with a placing boom is one of the most critical jobs of the concrete pump operator and should always be done in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended procedure.

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extended to: the pre-job inspection of the concrete pump before leaving the yard; driving to the job site safely; setting up and safely operating the concrete pump on the job site; cleanup and driving back to the yard or on to the next pumping job. The last part of a safe operation is checking and cleaning the pump to prepare for the next safe